Author: Ildar Yuzeev


Talk show in 2 acts. 
The duration of the performance is 2 hours and 30 minutes. 
The premiere was on April 7, 2017
In the years of perestroika, the television bridge genre became extremely popular on domestic television. Dialogues of ordinary people from the USSR and the USA with leading Phil Donahue and Vladimir Pozner entered the history of television journalism. Responding to the requests of the time, the classic of Tatar dramaturgy and poetry Ildar Yuzeev wrote in 1989 the play “I dropped my white kalfak", which deals with the first teleconference between the Tatars of Kazan and America and the most topical issues are raised: searching for roots, preserving one’s own identity, loyalty to the duty of memory, the preservation of common sense. It was an amazing time in the history of the Tatar people when one after another the names of writers, philosophers, scientists, public and religious figures who left the country after the revolution returned from non-existence. Today is a completely different era in the yard. The gateways of freedom and publicity are gradually closed, completely different programs reign on television, and our country is once again ready to fence the world away from the world with an iron curtain. 
The performance entered the long list of the National Theater Award "Golden Mask". 
"In the performance of Farid Bikchantaeva, as in all his productions, there are many layers. One of them is who we are? People belonging to his clan, to the people among whom were born, or who do not remember kinship? White kalfak is not just a symbol of the clan, it is a straw for which the heroes cling. An image that comes from a song beloved by the people grows into a metaphor. "


28 February, 18:00
10 April, 18:00
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