Author: Tufan Minnullin
In 1976, only four billions of people lived on the Earth, Apple company just appeared, Leonid Brezhnev became a marshal, the Moscow Helsinki Group appeared, the Olympic Games took place in Montreal, Mao Zedong died. All these events do not prevent us from perceiving the story of the old man Almandar, who in 1991 does not want to leave for another world, as the events of this time. Is it possible to imagine this performance without Shaukat Biktemirov, Irek Bagmanov, Ravil Sharafeev? Since the beginning of the century this performance has not been on the stage - can the current troupe of Kamal Theatre play it? How important is the religious context of the play? How did the attitude towards it change with the changing epochs? What secrets did Tufan Minnullin put into the text of the play? How important is it that Almaz Monasypov composed the music for the performance? Is the meaning of "Almandar" translated into other languages?
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