Author: Ilgiz Zayniev


lyrical comedy in 2 acts. Running time of the performance: 
approximately 2hrs 20 min with one intermission.

Human life consists of many steps, but it can’t avoid the only result - the old age. Someone faces the current time as it should, accept the position as the status quo, while others, like the heroes of the new play of Ilgiz Zayniev, led by cheerful eccentric Halima, think otherwise ... they forget about their age and retreat of the world of limited opportunities? What"s the use of talking about aches and low pensions? No, it’s not for them! They open new talents, breathe deeply and  let “the love that knows no age” enter their lives  - this is the life  they worth! The starting point of the play is the upcoming departure of the heroine to the distant city of Vladivostok ...


15 May, 18:00
24 June, 19:00
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