Author: Jean-Baptiste Moliere

Duration: 2h 50min
Premiered 5th of February, 2016

Translated by Kh.Zalyalov

J.B.Moliere’s “Don Giovanni” is one of the mysterious plays of classic repertoire. “Don Giovanni” is Moliere’s only play where he breaks with canons of classicism and addresses to baroque poetics. This text holds many riddles and mystic coincidences up to this day.

Farid Bikchantaev, the performance’s director, has focused his attention at the philosophical questions of comedy, on the questions of Don Giovanni’s games with life and death, on the secret nature of the seducer, on the rebellious confession of the hero, on the sources that bring him to life at the edge, that makes him tease common people. The fantasy of director is excited with the secrets of the play’s creation and it’s imperishable popularity, iconic base of Don Giovanni’s, Sganarelle’s, Komandor’s images. Bikchantaev has brought into production the actors, with whom he used to work on the most challenging tasks. 


31 March, 19:00
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