Author: Ilgiz Zayniev

Pop-jazz comedy. 
The duration: 2 hours 40 minutes 
The premiere took place on October 5, 2013. 
For viewers over 12 years

They work on the radio. He is DJ, she is sound engineer. They love each other, but are painfully slow to realize their feelings. Main storyline unfolds against the backdrop of rapid dialogues and scenes in the Tarantino spirit, but without violence which is so common in the movies of American movie director and play writer. Other characters are also looking for love as they can. Only the audience of Ilgiz Zayniev’s new pop-jazz comedy will find out whether they will find the love or not. This show is designed for young people. Songs, humor and parody, life style and the way of communication, all of these is not fictional, but like the free wind burst onto the scene from Kazan streets, cafes, lounge - bars and clubs.


20 March, 18:00
07 April, 19:00
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