«CRAFT» X Young Art Direction Festival 7 – 13 of December 2015 Kazan


Young Tatar Art Direction Festival gathers significant performances staged by Russia’s and Tatarstan’s young directors. Festival’s art-director Farid Bikchantaev says, that this forum is arranged: first, to help young directors to show themselves, second, to attract young audience. «CRAFT» fesival is run annually at the beginning of december.


Festival’s art-director

Bikchantaev Farid Rafkatovich

Tel.: (843) 293-06-38


Head of Festival

Yakupov Ilfir Ilshatovich

Tel.: (843) 293-06-38



Tel.: (843) 293-83-18

To apply to Festival contact:

Tel.: (843) 293-83-18 (art administration)

Tel.: (843) 293-14-24 (managers on: accomodation, transfer, feed etc)

First «CRAFT» fesival was took place in Kazan in 2009 spearheaded by Kamal Theatre. Festival was supported by Ministry of Culture of Republic of Tatarstan and gained success. In first festival 6 young directors participated (mainly graduates of Kazan State University of Culture and Art, Farid Bikchantaev’s course for directors). Now annually at least 15 young directors – representatives of different theatrical schools – bring to our attention their performances.
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