Chingiz Aytmatov
The Scaffold
Tragical fars

 Staged by D. Sariziev and M. Gilyazov. 
 Directed by-Damir Siraziev
 Set designer - Sergey Skomorokhov
 Composer- Rashit Abdullin

The cast:
Akbar  - Zulfira Zaripova 
Tashchaynar - Nariman Garifullin 
Bostn Orkonchie - Azgar Shakirov 
Arzygul- Naila Garayeva 
Nazarbay Neugutov - Idris Masgutov 
 Koktorsun  - Gulsum Isangulova 
 Ernazar - Shamil Bariev 
 Gulemkan  - Firdaus Khayrullina 
 Chatbaev  - Nail Dunaev 
 Kochkarbaev - Ravil Sharafiev 
 Ryskul  - Kamil Kamalov 
 Marat - Dusil Kasimov 
1st girl  - Guzel Sharafieva 
 2nd girl - Regina Ayupova 
 Kinjesh  - Alexander Chichelnitsky 
 Korsamat  - Halim Zalyalov 
 Helicopter pilots, shooters, shepherds  - theatre artists 
People seek destiny, and fate seeks people ... Life rolls around that circle ... And people cannot solve the eternal riddle: from which evil almost always triumphs over the good. The dialectic of life presupposes the tragic closeness of good and evil in the world, good and evil in man. Unfortunately, the man himself does evil, and everyone suffers from this: nature and man, heaven and earth, wolves and saigas, past and future. But where evil is committed, devotees of great and unchanging goodness invariably appear, do not allow breaking the eternal circulation of life, carefully hand over the “baton” of good deeds from hand to hand, lay their heads on the block, dooming themselves to imminent misfortune.

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