Tufan Minnullin
"My Darling"
Musical comedy

Directed by Farid Bikchantaev

Set designer - Sergey Skomorokhov
Composer - Azat Husainov 
Choreographer - Salima Aminova

The cast:
Nasima -Alsu Kayumova
Rasima - Milyausha Shaikhetdinova 
Jamilya - Leysan Rakhimova 
Shurale - Ramil Vaziev 
Shurik - Radik Bariev 
Shurka - Iltazar Mukhamatgaliev 
Shur - Shura - Ildus Gabdrakhmanov 
Rome - Fanis Ziganshin 
Isfan - Minvaly Gabdullin
Shuralia Lucius Hamitova 
Shuralina - Ilsa Tuchvatullina

At the beginning of the last century, Gabdulla Tukay, the founder of modern Tatar poetry, created the famous fairy tale "Shurale" based on folklore - about a treacherous forest diva deceived by a sour peasant boy. In the late 1990s, the playwright tries to rethink the well-known plot - it is no longer the divas-Shurales who threaten the travelers who have wandered into the forest, but the youth of the village becomes a threat to the forest and, more broadly, to the ecology of the native land. Shurale, a naive child of nature, is defenseless in his encounter with an aggressive human civilization. The performance, imbued with subtle lyricism, has a steady success among the viewers, without losing the freshness of perception, has been going on for more than 20 years.

800.00 ₽
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