Ilgiz Zayni

Directed by Farid Bikchantaev
Set designer - Sergey Skomorochov
Composer - Ruslan Abubakarov

The cast:
Flora- Zulfira Zaripova
Elfa - Lucia Khamitova
Mars - Iltezar Mukhamatgaliev
Venera - Alsou Kayumova
Zaynulla - Idris Masgutov
Mohamed - Almaz Garaeev

Is love possible between forty-year-old losers - a road worker Mars and a never-married librarian with the strange name of Elfa? And if possible, does it have a chance for the future? But from the ceiling of the apartment where Mars had just moved, a chandelier falls with a bounce ... What is this a technical sin of Khrushchev's communal construction or a sign of fate? Furiously pushing the bell button on the apartment from above, Mars still does not imagine what awaits him outside this door...

800.00 ₽
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