Театральное путешествие в «Клуб Шарык» / «Шәрык клубы» на театраль сәяхәт
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Театральное путешествие в «Клуб Шарык» / «Шәрык клубы» на театраль сәяхәт

The Ash

Автор: Written by Koki Mitani (based on the play "Academy of Laughter")


Translated into Russian by Dmitry Lebedev

Translated into Tatar by Fanis Ziganshin

Premiered on October 22, 2022.

The duration of the performance is 2 hours and 15 minutes.

The performance is provided with simultaneous translation into Russian

Yes, in general, the story is simple. It can happen to anyone. There is a protagonist - the second one is an antagonist, there is one hostage - the second one is the ruler of the situation, one escapes – the second catches up, one creates – the second evaluates, in general, a dramatic conflict, psychological and personal confrontation between the characters.

And everyone has their own truth, their own special circumstances, ambitions and views on phenomena, concepts, goals, tasks, etc. Everyone wants to emerge victorious in the dispute of worldviews, the game of self-love, the confrontation of common sense and the absurdity of life, overcome insurmountable circumstances and achieve the triumph of truth!

What consequences of a meeting between the Author and the Censor may be, art and the circular, freedom of imagination and the limits of what is permissible, whether it is worth lighting signal bonfires or it's time to sprinkle ashes on your head, this will be discussed in A. Zabbarov's play based on the famous comedy by Japanese playwright, screenwriter and director Koki Mitani "The Academy of Laughter".

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