«Awesome dances» to be premiered in Kamal theatre

25th of October, on a Small stage of Kamal theatre, the «Awesome dances» by Salavat Yuzeev will be premiered. Director – Ramil Garaev.


The plot is simple in first approach – three characters arrange an active resort for people of power. It’ll remain a secret, because will hear about their booze from mouth of actors and words of call-girl.


So, only 4 characters in the play. People’s artist of Tatarstan, honored artist of Russia Nail Dunaev as Atabay, people’s artist of Tatarstan Ildus Gabdrakhmanov as Rufin, Almaz Garaev as Rayan and Aygul Minnullina as a call-girl.


Theatre’s literary director Niyaz Iglamov says: “The play is full of metaphors,allusions, quotations. Each footman has his philosophy. A girl is not just a girl, she is a fatum, rock, illusion. ”


The play is interesting with questions and ambiguousness of answers, the diversity of characters and image layers. How will Ramil Garaev direct Yuzeev’s drama, we’ll know about it 25th of October or some other days of upcoming premiere.


«Awesome dances» to be premiered on Small stage of Kamal Theatre.

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Якшәмбе 18.10.2015
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