An exhibition dedicated to 110th birthday was launched in Kazan Kremlin

3rd of November, the new "Tatar cultural code: 110 year of first tatar theatre" exhibition opened in Museum of statehood of Tatarstan. The followed people presented new exhibition: head of museum Maria Davydova, head of Kamal theatre Ilfir Yakupov, head of theatre museum Luara Shakirzyanova, Iskander Kamal, honored artists of Russia Nailya Garaeva, Rinat Tazetdinov and Azgar Shakirov.

The new exhibition speaks about the birth and development of tatar professional theatre. Tatar theatre became a love for many generations of different language and confession, it became a cultural symbol of Tatarstan and the whole turkic world. 

The providers of «Tatar cultural code: 110 year of first tatar theatre»: «Kazan Kremlin» museum-reserve, G.Kamal Tatar National Academic theatre, National archive of RoT.

The head of Kamal theatre, Ilfir Yakupov, thanked all museum workers, who participated in preparations of this exhibition  and the head of «Kazan Kremlin» museum-reserve: «When we come to Zilya Rakhimyanovna Valeeva with an ideas, she responded at a moment and offered to organize the exhibition».

The exhibition will last till 31st of January, 2017.

Җомга 04.11.2016
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