In Kamal theatre they pay last respects to Irek Bagmanov

Today memorial service has passed sentence in Kamal theatre in honor of People's artist of Tatarstan Irek Bagmanov. His collegues, relatives, hundred's of city and republic citizens have come to bid him farewel. Among them were vice-president of Tatarstan State Council Rimma Ratnikova and Minister of Culture of Tatarstan Airat Sibagatullin. Irek Bagmanov was burried in Yana Tatar cemetery, Kazan. 

Talented artist Irek Bagmanov won great popularity among the theatre viewers. He created very popular images on performances by tatar, russian, world dramaturgy. 

His roles in modern theatre such as First Duke in A.Tsagareli's "Khanuma", Agent in G.Kamal's "Bankrupt", Fayzulla in F.Burnash's "Young hearts", Dzhaudat in I.Zayniev's "Indian summer", Lord-mayor of London in W.Shakespeare's "Richard III", increased his popularity. 

Protean actor set himself in peoples' souls and has become a nation's property. We will cherish the memory of I.V.Bagmanov in our hearts. 

Сишәмбе 24.11.2015
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