Kamal theatre goes to big Moscow tour

12 -18th of January G.Kamal Tatar National Academic theatre (Kazan) will perform on the stage of Maly State Academic theatre of Russia (city of Moscow). Ticket booking is available on "Buy a ticket" section of theatre's web - site. 

Exchange guest tours become good tradition for both Maly and Kamal theatres since 2006. In new, 111th season, Tatar theatre will bring 7 premiere performances to Moscow. 

The guest tours will be opened 12th of January, at 19:00, with 109th season's premiere - Farid Bikchantaev's «Hodja Nasretdin» (based on plays of Naki Isanbet and Saadalla Vannus). Starring: Fanis Ziganshin, honored artist of Tatarstan. 

Also on the guest tour playbill:

13th of January, 19.00, «In waiting» (written and staged by Ilgiz Zayniev). The city hospital is a place where the performance is running. The heroes of the performance are young couples in waiting of their baby's birth. On their example the director shows our society's deseases, and asks whether we have done enough to have the right to continue our race, nation, folk or not?

14th of January, 12.00, Ilgiz Zayniev's «The goat, sheep and others» in direction of Salima Aminova and Ildus Gabdrakhmanov. What if the goat and sheep will meet Su anasy or Shurale? Will make friends with Funny pupil? Excentric musical play, with dances and songs, full of energy of young artists. The performance won't leave indefference in the soul of any viewer.

14th of January, 18.00, M.Fayzi's «Галиябану» in direction of I.Zayniev. «Galiabanu» is one of the symbolic plays of Tatar Drama. This play was staged by many professional and community theatres. The names of the main personalities became common names. The play that tells about love and the romance triangle, with the songs known from childhood. 

15th of January, 18.00, «Love Radio written and staged by Ilgiz Zayniev. They work at the radio. He is DJ, she is sound engineer. They love each other, but they pass many difficulties on the way of understanding their feelings. The main plot runs dramatically like in Tarantino movies but without the bloody scenes.

16th of January, 19.00, «Miracle Pill» written by Z.Khakim and staged by I.Zayniev. Sayfi, the fired Chemistry teacher, has created the drugs that relieves from the corruption and he wants to share it the country  -wideThis news finds no support in administration of the district. The performance will be premiered at 7th of November, 2016.

17th of January, 19.00, «Hodja Nasretdin».

18th of January, 19.00, K.Tinchurin's «Anchorless» in direction of G.Tskhirava. The play, written by the classic ot Tatar dramaturgy and founder of Tatar theatre, is the one of the most significant drama works on Tatar language. This satiric comedy was written in 1926, in our days it inherits tragical meanings. The plot is about the choice of Tatar nation's way of development at the Revolution and right after it. The performance will be premiered 8th of October, 2016.

Attention!!! Due to the repair works on the Main stage of Maly theatre, the guest tours will be shown on branch of Maly theatre. Address: Moscow, Bolshaya Ordynka, b.69, subway station Dobryninskaya. Box office: (495) 624 40 46, (499) 237 31 81. The tickets can be bought in "Buy the ticket" section of Kamal Theatre web - site.

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