Kamal theatre participated in “Class drama” laboratory

Today, 29th of August performances staged on teenagers’ plays had shown in Kamal theatre and in Kazan Youth theatre.

 16 – 29th of August teenagers’ “Class drama” theatral laboratory took place in Kazan. 17 teenagers from 14 to 18 years old participated in it. In 10 days they have written 10 plays in Tatar and Russian. Later on this plays were staged in Tatar National Theatre and Kazan Youth theatre.

 “Class drama” is based on unique format of work with teenagers (Class Act, invented by Travers Edinburg theatre). Since 2004 it was arranged in Tolliatti, Samara, Moscow, Saint-Petersburt, Perm, Sochi.

 The project was realized with support of “Live City” Actual Art Maintenance Foundation and Ministry of Culture of Tatarstan Republic. 

Шимбә 29.08.2015
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