Premiere of poetic performance in Kamal theatre - «The clouds keep floating…»

3rd, 4th and 24th of February G.Kamal Tatar National academic theatre will present a premiere of poetic performance «The clouds keep floating…» on theatre's small stage. The performance's director Aydar Zabbarov. Texts of Khasan Tufan and Tufan Minnullin. Stage designer – Bulat Ibragimov. Булат Ибрагимов.

Emerging director Aydar Zabbarov, S.V.Zhenovach's 4th year directors' student (RITI-GITIS), has shown interest for creating of forms, for poetic theatre, and chironomy.  He assisted his pedagogue Ilgiz Zayniev on «DERDMEND» performance made of poems and letters of tatar poet; he staged the heritage of modern poet Gazinur Murat. His predegree performance «The clouds keep floating...» young director dedicated to memory of outstanding poet Khasan Tufan. The performance is based on poems, written when Khasan Tufan was imprisoned in Novosibirsk area. Aydar Zabbarov added episodes from Tufan Minnullin's biographic play. The main theme is a theme of loneliness, sickness for home, where one will never return, the Poet was sent there forever… That's how the Khasan Tufan's poetic lines, his sorrow and pain, they unite past and present, and they forge ahead to future. 

The poetical performance «The clouds keep floating…» features: honored artist of Russia Ildus Akhmetzyanov, honored artist of Tatarstan Almaz Sabirzyanov, young artists Ilnur Zakirov, Rail Shamsuarov, Fannur Mukhametzyanov, Aygul Abasheva, Yusuf Bikchantaev. 

Premiere of the performance - 3rd, 4th and 24th of February, on a Small stage of G.Kamal Tatar National Academic theatre. To buy tickets visit web page, or call  293-03-74.

Чәршәмбе 18.01.2017
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