Tuva theatre guest tours in Kazan

The 10th and 11th of June Kok-Oola Tuva musical and drama theatre  will show it's best 2 shows on a Big stage of G.Kamal Tatar national Academic theatre.

The 10th of June, at 18.00, Big stage, "Khanuma", A.Tsagareli. Tuva theatre accentuates the theme of loneliness in the famous comedy. It seems that Khanuma cares for money only for her job. But under the joyful mask the ordinary human soul hides and this soul seeks for happinees. Everyone is a slave of loneliness; some of them knows it and hides it, some of them even doesn't mention it. Will the lonely hearts meet? Everything is in hands of Khanuma.

The 11th of June, at 18.00, Big stage, "Kan-Kys", V.Seren-Ool
. Legend tells about brave girl Kan-Kys, who saves with a help of flying horse her country from evil khan. The khan crooked the power. Poetical language and folklore tell the story of Tuvian brave girl Kan-kys. The play synthesize motives of eastern theatre and traditions of Russia's theatrical school. 
Пәнҗешәмбе 27.04.2017
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