Who plays with death? «Don Giovanni» to be premiered at Kamal theatre

5th, 6th and 19th of February there is going to be the premiere of long-awaited «Don Giovanni» performance after J.-B.Moliere on Big stage of Kamal Tatar National Academic theatre. Director – Farid Bikchantaev.

Niaz Iglamov,  literary director of Theatre, notes that director is interested in philosophical aspects of comedy:  «Farid Bikchantaev is concentrated his attention at the matter of Don Giovanni's game with life and death. How the play was written and why it is so popular up to day, what is the essence of Don Giovanni's, Sganarel's and Komandor's characters. ». 

The director mentions that each day of rehearsal drives him deeper into the play.

For this work director gathered artists with whom he likes to meet the great challenges: honored artist of Tatarstan Radik Bariev as Don Giovanni, People's artist of Tatarstan Iskander Khayrullin, People's artist of Tatarstan Lucia Khamitova. 

«Don Giovanni» to be premiered at the Big Stage of Kamal theatre 5th, 6th and 19th of February

To buy tickets, 293-03-74.

Дүшәмбе 18.01.2016
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