Свет моих очей / Җанкисәккәем
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Свет моих очей / Җанкисәккәем

New Tatar Play project

First contest on playwright took place at 2004 spearheaded by G.Kamal Tatar National Academic Theatre. Now the contest takes place once in two years. The Jury consists of: authoritative men of letters, public figures, fine art experts, critics, directors, newsmen and other men of culture and arts.

Next «New Tatar Play - 2016» contest is to be announced in spring 2016.

Founders of the contest:

Ministry of Culture of Republic of Tatarstan

Union of Theatre workers

G.Kamal Tatar National Academic Theatre

«New Century» TV and radio-broadcasting company,

«Lights of Kazan» magazine,

«Youth of Tatarstan» newspaper.

Authors can apply with plays written in Tatar that never been staged and published; plays that participated in previous «New Tatar Play» contests are not allowed to apply again.

It is a close competition. Texts (typed on PC or typewriter desk) are to be sent in two copies (better to attach e-copy of the text) and be marked with writer’s pseudonym. The information about author is to be sent in separate envelope (first name, second name, date of birth, address and phone number, brief artistic biography). Non-compliance with conditions of the contests (author’s name is not mentioned, or the incorrect information is attached) may lead to the situation, when the jury may withdraw the play from the contest even after the summation.

Plays won’t be sent back or reviewed; they’ll be stored in G.Kamal Theatre’s library.

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